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James Weber

Over 2000 families will be descending at Eastgate Park in Kennewick every Saturday this spring starting March 24th and continuing till May 12th. Columbia Basin Youth Football is the region’s largest youth football league that is made up of teams representing kids from each of the respective high school boundaries within the Tri-Cities, Walla Walla, Hermiston and Prosser areas. Each of these Junior Programs coordinate with their respective high school coaches in regards to practicing passing routes and defense.  Some of these high school coaches have great things to say about the CBYF.

Scott Biglin, Kamiakin High School Head Football Coach, 2016 Washington State Champions 

"I truly feel that this league will help develop youthful minds in the sport of football. With youth coaches getting more training and adapting the schemes to the high school, kids are getting a jump start on their future football programs. The best part about this program is its willingness to work with the other sports. We at Kamiakin truly believe in the development of the multi-sport athlete. I plan to sign my son up and all his buddies to A) learn the system but more importantly B) learn to work with each other and become a better team. Most successful teams come from skilled players and a team unity that is developed over time. These kids will develop this team unity at an earlier age which will pay off during their high school years."  




Aaron Sonnichsen - Southridge High School Head Football Coach

"The spring 7 on 7 Football Passing League is a great opportunity for kids to experience competition. This league helps to create a love for football and highlight the fun found in the passing component of the game. My desire is for the coaches to instill the Southridge program philosophy of “Building Champions while Pursuing Championships” at an early age. Athletics provides opportunities for kids to learn character qualities, such as competing against their best selves, enabling them to become champion citizens.  I have seen first-hand the benefit of the youth program emulating the high school program. Not only do players learn terminology and football concepts, but they also develop a desire to become like the high school players and represent their high school in not only football but multiple sports. I appreciate the work Randy Hoover has done to make the youth program an extension of Suns football."

Brett Jay, Hanford High School Head Football Coach 

"We can't possibly be any more excited about the CBYF and the growth of the league.  This league went from an idea to one of the best youth football leagues in the state in a matter of a couple years, because of one thing, it makes the development of our players and programs priority number one. Jamie Weber, our league president, continues to grow the league leaps and bounds year in and year out.  He has the perfect vision for our players and programs. He takes pride in Eastern Washington high school football and wants to give our players and schools the best opportunity for success.


We have an opportunity with this league to build programs from the ground up. Our high school staff works closely with our youth coaches on techniques and schemes so we can give our players the best opportunity for success.  In fact, our youth staff will be going to coaching clinics this month with our high school staff to develop our coaching techniques and drills that are fit for our program. We get to sit down as one staff and create a progression of skills that need to be developed at a specific age. It is incredible. Our players have an opportunity to learn the offenses, defenses and special teams that they will play in high school. Some of our freshmen this past football season learned our offense and defense in the 8th grade, so they were already ahead at that point. 


We take pride in our community, we take pride in our school, and we take pride in developing our student athletes. This league gives us the best opportunity to do that.  By the time our flag football players (1st graders) get to our the high school, they will be apart of Falcon football for 8 years: continuity and chemistry. We are grateful for the opportunity CBYF provides us and we look forward to continue doing what is best for our players."


Even though the 7 on 7 league is non-tackle, Columbia Basin Youth Football still enforces strict player safety measures by requiring all coaches to have concussion protocol training. The CBYF also established a referee apprenticeship program with the local WIAA Referee Association that provides the referees for the areas high school games. The goal of the partnership was to bring adult referee professionalism to youth football games, while providing an opportunity for high school age referees to get trained and certified to become the next generation of WIAA Certified Refs. 


Jeff Kinne -WIAA Referee and Tri-City Referee Assoc. Executive Board Member

"Across the Nation youth sports are impacted by the dwindling numbers of certified officials. Much of this can be attributed directly towards negative interactions with fans, parents and coaches. The Columbia Basin Youth Football league has created an environment where football officials can officiate the game without the negativity. The CBYF has a ZERO tolerance approach for this type of behavior with measures in place to make the fields a positive experience for the players, fans and the officials. In addition, since the inception of our apprenticeship program in 2016, we've had multiple high school age kids get trained while officiating CBYF games and pass through the needed clinics and testing to become WIAA certified.  My goal for this apprenticeship program is to continue to grow and develop the officials for the next generation. The partnership with the CBYF is making this a possibility." 



A Recent Article in Tri-City Herald ( also highlights the CBYF. 


CBYF's 7 on 7 non-tackle passing league is open to boys and girls from 1st through 8th grade. Thanks to the generosity of Ranch and Home and Back to Basics Chiropractic, financial aid is available for any families that can't afford the $40 registration fee. The league’s website is and will direct you to each Junior Program's on-line registration website. 





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