May 11, 2017 8:29 AM
Junior Braves


Especially in this day and age, we as parents are very reluctant to put our kids in youth football with all the dangers that ensue. The concerns range from injury, to concussion to trusting a coach you may not know and on and on.

The fact is most youth football leagues require no background checks on their coaches and at most only require the head coach to become Heads Up Football certified, which means only one person per organization is informed about concussion protocol and other injury prevention techniques. Heads Up and other similar certification programs teach the proper technique to tackle, block and protect yourself to reduce the risk of a serious head or neck injury. 

In contrast, with the Junior Braves, every single coach is background checked and required to become Heads Up certified. Proof of their certification is required prior to even being allowed to coach at a practice.

In regards to competition level, the Junior Braves are part of the Columbia Basin Youth Football league, which consists of 11 Junior programs from our area. This allows our kids to play against kids from other cities and travel to play at different fields to experience what it’s like to be a visiting team on someone else’s home field. 

In addition to learning from Kamiakin High School’s play book, many of our Junior Braves will benefit from having the same teammates all the way into High School and you will come to know what it is like to play as a team against different competition from year to year.  From a personal standpoint, I chose to enroll my child because I wanted him to get something out of youth football besides playing on a random team in a neighborhood football program that does not follow a system nor offered any team structure that would ultimately mean anything when he moved onto high school football.

By becoming a Junior Brave your child will proudly wear the Brave’s colors, learn the Brave’s system and represent a culture that will benefit your child well beyond youth football.

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